Never Apologize

That’s right!  Never say “I’m sorry” again!  Today’s post is all about why you shouldn’t apologize for the things you do.

Some of you out there are no doubt thinking, “but what if…?” But, but, but… there’s a million of those things out there and if you start thinking like that then you’re stuck.

Let’s focus in on the core philosophy of NEVER APOLOGIZING.  Let’s get started!

This concept is actually really easy to understand but deeper than you’d think.

With that being said the basic premise revolves around the literal meaning of the words “never apologize.”  That is, just never, ever say “I’m sorry” or “I apologize” or anything of the sort.

So when you mess up at work, don’t apologize with an “I’m sorry.”  Instead you should acknowledge that you messed up explain your plan for fixing the mistake, and then execute the plan to fix the mistake!

Instead of sounding like a pathetic screw-up with no idea of what’s going on you will end up sounding like a person who has their head on straight and a plan of action to tackle problems in the workplace.

Because, let’s face it, that’s the kind of person you are!  A person of ACTION and ACCOUNTABILITY.

“Yes, I know that we are behind on the Logan account and I have a plan for how to catch up and close the deal.  Here’s the steps we need to take…”

See how good that sounds?  Much better than…

“I’m sorry we are behind on the Logan account.  It’s just been so difficult to catch up!”

Or even… “I’m sorry we are behind on the Logan account and I have a plan to catch up and close the deal.”

Even with just the addition of “I’m sorry” makes the statement not flow or sound as good.  Not only that!  There’s more!  Because let’s face it, how much more often do you hear something like the latter “bad excuse” when someone is apologizing and saying “I’m sorry”…I’m sure you hear it much more!

Excuses seem to naturally pair up with apologies.  It’s just how it works when you get into the mentality of apologizing.

But there’s more to this whole thing than just speech patterns and changing up the attitude you have or perception of things.

You see, never apologizing also means that you act in such a way that you never have to apologize.

Think about that for a minute.

“Acting in a way that you never have to apologize?  That’s crazy!  That means that you have to really watch what you say and do!”

Ummm, yeah.  I know.  And I know it’s tough!  We are prone to accidents and doing unexpected things where, as society has taught us to do, we feel we should apologize.

But that’s where you simply acknowledge the mistake and move on with a plan of action to correct the mistake.

We can’t live in a way that we won’t EVER make mistakes, but we can live in a way in which we make minimal mistakes.

This takes planning, forethought, and consideration for others.  A little empathy and a little open-mindedness don’t hurt either.

Watching what you say and do is difficult though.  I find there’s a much easier way to make sure you live with minimal apologies necessary – change your attitude, mentality, and outlook.

Living with an attitude of acceptance, mentality of personal accountability, and an open-minded outlook will get you most of the way.

I’ll cover more about how to acquire these attitudes and what they entail in the future.  For now, think on the idea of apologizing and what it means to not need to apologize.