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Gurus who Fail

Often people expect so-called “Gurus” to be infallible. And to be honest, I’m of a mind that they should be exemplary human specimens myself. However, they are people just like us and are capable of making mistakes – just like us. This whole post idea came about after thinking of the many famous people of …

Improve for No One!

Improvement.  It’s what growth is made of because, let’s face it, if you aren’t improving then you’re fading. That’s why you’re here after all.  Because you want to improve.  You want to better yourself and expand your mind. Whether you’re here to learn something new, to gain motivation, or because you found me at random during …

The Zen Life

Zen.  It’s a strange word for many and a mantra for some. It’s a mythical state of being focused and yet not caring about the outcome. It’s a Journey and a Goal. But how do we achieve Zen?