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Creating yourself

How do you change your life for the better?  That’s the question we all ask ourselves, even those who are living “good” lives. The answer is surprisingly simple: you create a better you. Putting that answer to practice is much more difficult, however.  Though it doesn’t need to be.


Let Go

Greed, jealousy, and anger.  These are all emotions that everyone struggles with. A lot of the time these emotions stem from a simple thing – insecurity.  Whether it’s physical insecurity, an imaginary insecurity, or comes in some other form, insecurity is the general culprit. But why are we insecure?  Let’s look at the even deeper […]


Never Apologize

That’s right!  Never say “I’m sorry” again!  Today’s post is all about why you shouldn’t apologize for the things you do. Some of you out there are no doubt thinking, “but what if…?” But, but, but… there’s a million of those things out there and if you start thinking like that then you’re stuck. Let’s […]