I’m just a regular person like you who is searching for the truth. This journey has taken me to many strange places including Bali, Germany, Hong Kong, and more. I want to make my mark upon the world by helping others to make their mark and achieve success. After all, the best way to climb the ladder is to help others up.

I enjoy all things esoteric and am a self-identifying geek. I love sci-fi and fantasy culture and have been known to attend a comic con or two. The thing I always keep in mind about the world is this: God is in everything and is everywhere and God wants to experience life through us. So if the thing I’m enjoying is a creative thing and promotes joy and happiness, then I deem it to be something worth looking into.

Taking this attitude has led me to meet some amazing people and enjoy some experiences outside of my comfort zone which I wouldn’t have previously thought I would enjoy. I hope that you can also get the most out of life with a similar attitude. And hopefully I can help you do so either through my writing and motivation or through a special course and personal mentorship.

Feel free to peruse and enjoy the content. Share and critique as much as you’d like. Nothing promotes learning and understanding quite like a good discussion.