The Hidden World of Abundance

There is a hidden world of abundance overlapping ours. In this world everything that you could ever dream of having is already yours. You are rich beyond your wildest dreams and your relationships are loving and fruitful.

This isn’t a dream land. It’s not an alternate reality, at least not exactly. It’s the hidden world of spirit where God has imagined your life of perfection.

You see, God, Allah, The Supreme Being, The Omega Conscious, or whatever else you want to call it wants nothing but perfection and love for you.

If you don’t believe in a supreme being or God or the spiritual then you can call it Good Fortune and Hard Work. It doesn’t matter too much since God knows and loves you regardless of your belief in God.

And because God loves us God has provided us with a way to tap into the wonderful power of creation. We can see this in work all around us. Look at all the marvels which Mankind has created! We have taken base materials of nature and worked them into all sorts of shapes and uses.

These creative uses of matter have come about because of the thoughts and inspiration of others. The desire to have more and give more. The desire for an easier life, easier mode of travel, easier method of farming, and more.

These desires became pictures in their minds. And when a person impresses a picture upon their subconscious they are tapping into the power of creation. They are reaching into this hidden world of abundance and pulling out their desires with their bare hands and the power of belief!

Again, this is true for even those people who don’t believe in God. The power is there for us all to use. God does not discriminate in the giving of this gift. And yes, the power can be misused. There are some safeguards against this which I will not go into. Just know that ill-gotten gains are not forever.

For now, realize you have the ability to tap into a world of unlimited resources. Never worry about the source of abundance running out. It cannot! God is infinite and therefore the world of abundance is infinite.

Focus on what you want. Imagine it vividly! Then go out and do work to make it a reality. Persistence is key. However, with persistence you will gain exactly what you desire!

Light your fire and reach into that stuff of creation, then get cookin!