Gurus who Fail

Often people expect so-called “Gurus” to be infallible. And to be honest, I’m of a mind that they should be exemplary human specimens myself. However, they are people just like us and are capable of making mistakes – just like us.

This whole post idea came about after thinking of the many famous people of history that humanity put on a pedestal and only found out after the fact that they had many faults. People like Einstein, JFK, and even King Solomon. It is all too often that we fall from grace through the indulging in our base desires.

It always seems that once a Guru has success, they are always successful, at least in business. The secret key to success in business, once learned, is never forgotten. The feeling of being successful also remains even after a loss.

The secret key to success in relationships is far more unpredictable. The variable of another human being makes this intrinsically true.

I recently read about a female guru, meditation guide, and “spiritual advisor.” She is wonderfully successful with several published books and even a couple of documentary films with her in them. However, in the span of 10 years she was married and divorced three times!

For someone who rants about being on a high level of vibration and only looking for the good in things this seems strange. I can’t help but think that she might not be the best “guru” to go to for life and spiritual advice.

Then again, perhaps it was her significant others who failed the tests. Perhaps they wandered where they shouldn’t. I don’t know the whole story.

Either way, following the Supreme Law to its fullest we can only infer that she very likely had some hidden fear of loss that ended up manifesting in the loss of those relationships. This is the only truth. If she had fully believed that the love she received from her spouse was true and enduring then it would have been so. Or she would have been show how to make it so.

Remember this – Gurus are fallible and make mistakes. If you see those mistakes manifest, such as in the case of these failed relationships, realize that the Guru is missing something. Look for ways in which another teaching can fill in those gaps.

Taking from multiple teachers is fine as long as it completes your knowledge rather than contradicting it. Just remember that there is really only one truth – God. Remember that God has given us instructions through others about the universal truths and laws. Lastly, realize that any teaching that goes against this truth is contradictory to your knowledge and well-being. Discard it! If a Guru fails, that is fine. They may not have full master over the truth and law. They are on the same path as you! Just fill in their gaps with your own understanding and continue down the path. This is how you become your own Guru. A guru who has probably failed at one point or another…