The Fear Vibration

“All that you see and all that is, is God.”

If we remember this saying regularly we will understand that our hardships and misfortunes aren’t the product of some evil entity but instead the products of our own imaginings and actions. There is no devil around the corner. There is no evil spirit or bad luck. It is just God.

And God works through you! Your imaginings are what bring things forth into your reality. You think you are poor? You are poor. You think that you are a successful person? Then surely success will find you – if you also work towards it.

There is only one enemy to our good fortune and divine right in life. That enemy is ourselves! Our own fear in particular. It is fear that brings down our vibration, brings down our energy, and produces disastrous images in the mind. If you are fearful of a thing then it is easy to let it take hold of your mind and therefore your life.

Think back to times you were ever afraid of something. People who fear being stung by bees often find that the bees at a picnic will seem to bother them the most. Why? The thoughts surely cross their minds as such:

“Other people have food and drinks but the bees aren’t flocking to them as much. They seem unconcerned by the bees! Why are they bothering me when I’m so afraid of them! I wish they would leave me alone because they scare me!”

In the end the bees usually do not sting the person. Instead, the person causes quite the scene, running around and maybe screaming in fear. The thing they worry about most doesn’t even happen yet they are beholden to their fear.

We can also see this in our current global pandemic situation. The pandering of fear has completely taken hold of large swaths of the world population. It has ruined the global economy and sunk many people who were previously prospering into a mud of debt and lack. And this is only the beginning.

I believe there really are a group of people that are purposefully trying to keep everyone stifled in fear. This is because they know the power of the mind and they themselves fear the populace learning of their own power. And as I’ve said, the only enemy of our own good fortunes is our fear.

The secrets of Mind and the creation of all desires has been a well known “secret” to the wealthy elite for generations. Why they would decide they want to stoke fear in others and keep them down is beyond me. This benefits no one except in the short term. Surely the prosperity of all would bring more prosperity to the ultra-wealthy. I suspect it is a fear of loss of their power and wealth which drives this desire.

It is entirely possible that this theory is incorrect and that the fear mongering we see in the main stream media is simply accidental, that they are doing it because of ratings and a need for content. I hope that’s the case yet it makes no difference. The outcome is the same – the population is made to fear everything and everyone and so stifle their own growth and prosperity.

There is only one solution! We have to promote LOVE and FEARLESSNESS. We have to strike up our courage and the courage of others so that we can cast aside our fears. If we can do this and get enough others to do it we can change the world. It all starts with you.

Overcome the fear vibration.