Kanye West White House visit and Fallout

Kanye West recently went to the White House for some sort of meeting. He’s been very pro-Trump recently and very outspoken in some of his views of which there are some kooky ones. That’s fine, he’s allowed to be kooky. He is now receiving a fair amount of blowback and criticism for his visit and what transpired during it.

The main blowback it seems is that a lot of brainwashed democrats don’t like that he said he supports Trump or that he thinks that people believe you have to be Democrat if you are black. This is the problem with Identity politics. So many of these people who are outraged with Kanye West feel like he was speaking FOR them. But he wasn’t doing that at all. He was speaking for himself and himself only.

Identity politics would have us believe that he is embarrassing to black Americans and should be silenced so he can’t embarrass himself or others anymore. Why should anyone care if he embarrasses himself though? If you think his words and actions were embarrassing, then that’s your opinion of HIM and his ACTIONS. Not of all black people.

No rational person would assume that one jackass is representative of all people the world over. Yes, we do say that if we experience multiple people from a culture that are rude that maybe the people of that culture are rude in general. Cultural norms are a thing. But people are their own individuals who are not always representative of their respective nation or culture.

That’s why trying to break people into continually smaller sub-groups is a problem for the unity of a nation. In the modern age, we should come together under a common set of values. That’s how America was founded – a core set of principles which defined liberty to the people. Why is everyone so set in their desire to claim the title of biggest victim instead?